Cross Stitch Creations

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Creating a Cross Stitch pattern

To start a new project click the Add button at the top of the project list. Name the project, select an image, crop the image as needed. Select the size of the pattern you wish to create, in inches or in stitches. Select the max number of colors you want the pattern to contain and the minimum number of stitches you want per color, this will cut down on confetti but will lose definition. Also, if you stash is up to date selecting “Use Stash” will only use colors that you have. A future improvement will make sure that you have enough of the color as well.

Then click Save and wait for the pattern to create.

Using the Minder

The Minder floats above your pattern. It contains three buttons.

  • The first button allows you to mark all the stitches in a ten by ten block as complete, and undo that change.
  • The middle button allows you to select symbols on the pattern to highlight what you are currently working on.
  • The last button changes depending on the selection state. With no symbol selected it will mark (or unmark) an individual stitch. While a symbol is selected the button changes to a car, it allows you to park your thread.
    • To park, select a symbol in one ten by ten block, then click the car button, then click the same symbol in a different ten by ten block where you parked your thread.

Managing your Stash

Stash management is an estimate of the number of skeins you have in your possession. You can add whole skeins by swiping left and remove by swiping right. The number decreases per stitch marked on a pattern, the default is 1 1000th of a skein. That number is customizable in the Settings App.

When you start a new project, viewing the projects details — by long pressing the pattern title or the project in the list — the needed floss list is separated into groups of how many skeins of each color you need to complete the pattern. If your stash is up to date the list takes that into account.

Privacy Policy

This app collects no user data of any kind. All data, patterns, images, progress, etc are recorded on your device (synced to only your iCloud account) for the purpose of using the app and no other.