Using the application

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Shown in the top left corner, this button opens the Options side menu.

New Game: If the current game is started, it will be saved in Game History and a new game will start with all the currently selected options.

Option Sections: Shows the games options, see below.

Game History: Shows a list of all the prior games you’ve played. Delete them as you wish.

At the bottom there are links to various SykoSoft.Net’s web pages.


When the Scorecard starts in Rubber mode you should choose the first dealer: North, East, South, and West. Do so by tapping the name of the player. These names can be changed by long pressing on them and tapping Rename. When starting in Chicago mode the first dealer is always North.


Press the Declare button under the player who takes the bid. Select the bid the team will take. Long press on the bid to select Double or Redouble.


Press the Score button to select the number of over or under tricks made by the declarer’s team.


Long press on the player’s name to receive the honors. Press the Honor menu item with the Crown. Select the honor being granted.


Scoring: Select the style of scoring to use. Rubber is for Rubber Bridge (best of three games to 100) and Chicago is a Four-Deal Bridge with alternating vulnerability.

Privacy Policy

This app collects no user data of any kind. All data, such as player names, scores, game history, number of games played, and game options chosen are recorded on your device and only your device for the purpose of using the app and no other.