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All the scorecard apps have been modified to work on iOS7 with the new iOS7 style. Sorry that this update took so long, I’m glad I got them out before the holidays. Hopefully I have worked all the bugs out of them. If not, please report any here, or on facebook or twitter. Thanks everyone.

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work again Kevin…I’m sure there will be some testing with some heavy Rook play over the holiday. 🙂 So, you and your family have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. I am using an iPad 2 64GB with Verizon cellular running iOS 6.1.2 and I am having an issue with GinSC. When I attempt to open the Saved Games menu, it shows me the saved games for about 2 seconds and then the app crashes out to the desktop. The GinSC app is still running and if I go back into it, it seems to be fine until I go to the Saved Game Menu again. The results are the same every time.

    Just wanted you to aware of this bug.


  3. Forgot to mention I am running GinSC 5.5.1


  4. Thank you, I’ll look into it right now as I have some free time. Obviously you can’t open the saved games list but do you remember roughly how many saved games you had. Gin has always been the app with the most issues on the saved games screen, I almost took the feature back out of all my score card apps because of it.

    Thanks again, I’ll see what I can find.

  5. I currently have one saved game and the current game showing in the menu. The saved game is one I created as a test to see if the bug was just when I opened the saved menu with no saved games as I did not have any saved games when I first found the bug.

    I did notice that the time/date stamp of the current and saved game does seem to run outside of the screen layout if that helps any. On an ios7 running device the saved menu seems to be working fine and the time/date stamps are within the borders of the layout.


  6. i have Rooksc and absolutely love the app. I havent upgraded yet, but plan too. If i do will it erase saved games?
    Also i am having an issue with saved games. As i scroll through it causes the app to crash. I have approximately 20 – 25 games saved. (there is some house debate on who is winning and i haent been able to settle it.

    Thanks again for a great app

  7. I’m sorry for your house debate… I will 97% guarantee that upgrading will not erase your saved games. I would like to apologize and offer an excuse… my macbook, that I develop these apps on, died a few weeks back right after I got the first report of this issue. I’m back up and running and I will be working on this tomorrow. Are you on iOS 6 or 7? iOS 7 has thus far seemed to work. But I plan to work on this very issue most of the day tomorrow.

    I’m glad you love the app, that is encouraging.

  8. I’ve been down for a long while now (motherboard burnt out). I’m finally back and will be working on this tomorrow. I’m sorry for the delays.

  9. thank you for your reply.

    i am on ios 7.05 but am in the process as I type of updating to 7.06.

    if this fixes the problem i will let you know immediately.

  10. I’m sorry to hear that you are on iOS 7… I was hoping it was a iOS6 problem. I guess that helps, but I cant reproduce the problem. I went over the code several times yesterday, found a couple bugs but nothing regarding crashing on the load game screen. I added some things that might fix it but I cannot be sure.

  11. i know nothing about coding, but i used iexplorer and pulled the file from my phone so i can send it to you if you would like. I changed the file extension to zip and tried to look through the code some but i know absolutely nothing about it.

    I can still use the app fine, but if you are like me you wanna know why something is not working.

  12. Please send the file to I’m honestly not sure what file you’re speaking of so now I’m very interested. Yes, I really do want to know what is actually wrong.