Feb 112013

Pushed the newest version of all the scorecard apps to the App Store (except SpadesSC, it will be pushed shortly). These should be available in a week or two.

For all the apps this updates rearranges the UI a bit adding a pull to the side menu which is where you will now find access to your saved games, quitting the current game, and options. Links to various SykoSoft.Net webpages, facebook, twitter, this page and the wiki. These items were available in the Options->About page.

The new feature to all the apps is the ability to take a screen capture of the scorecard to your photo library or optionally share that image on Facebook or Twitter. This is an iOS 6+ feature.

SpadesSC is getting a few new features and is in the testing and bug fixing stage.

  • Progressive Bagouts: The first bagout, getting 10 sandbags, will penalize you once (100 points by default). The second bagout, getting 10 more sandbags, will penalize you twice more (2 x 100 points by default) and so on.
  • Basic 10-4-200 support: When turned on, a bid of 10 will be considered a 10-4-200 bid. Getting 10 tricks will score 200 points. Support for being Exact is another option (When exact is off then 11 tricks will still win the 10-4-200, when on you will be set 200). Also 11-4-220 and 12-4-240.

All other apps are functionally the same in their scoring functionality.

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