Oct 192012

Version 4.1 of the scorecard apps were released last night. Mostly it only brings iPhone 5 support and rotation on iPhone’s and iPods, something which the iPad could already do.

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  1. The Spades Score Keeper app looks great; just purchased the $1 version over the free version. I play spades weekly with friends in a tournament style. We play 10-for-200 rules (and. 11-for-220, etc. any chance this can be added? It’s (almost) the only thing missing from our game rules. We also implemented a progressive roll on bags to promote more aggressive bidding: first roll is -100 for first 10 bags, second roll on 20 bags is -200, etc. while I haven’t this this in any standard rules, it’s a great addition to the rules. Love to hear your comments on implementing this as well. Thanks in advance for any support!

  2. I’ve never heard of the progressive roll on bags that you suggest. I think that sounds great, I’ll suggest implementing that in my games. Honestly, 10-for-200 has been something I’ve been meaning to add for a long time, (also never heard of 11-for-220). Is the rule — on a bid of 10, 11, 12, 13 if the tricks taken is exactly the bid then the score for that hand is doubled?

    I’ll get to adding these additions soon.

  3. Yes, the general accepted rule is 10-200, 11-220, 12-240, but if you bid 13 and get it, it’s an automatic win. I suppose you could allow or disallow the “Boston” rule of game-over if you bid and pull 13. We’ve never seen it happen. I’ve only seen 13 tricks taken 5 times in the thousands of games I’ve played, and it was never bid for 13 tricks, so I like the “game over” rule if you pull it off.

    As for the progressive roll, I’ve never seen that rule, but we love it. Makes for more interesting pay if your opponent has been getting lucky and setting bids by taking unbid tricks. Definitely promotes more aggressive bidding. Who doesn’t hate a total of 10 or less tricks bid and getting stuck winning 7’s, 8’s, 9’s or 10’s?

    I imagine the release process is lengthy. Thanks for the quick reply. I hope you end up making some $ on the app, it’s very cool.

  4. Hello again, I’ve implemented progressive bagging out, that is pretty straightforward. But I have a few questions that perhaps you can answer. Currently I have 10-4-200 implemented in kind of a coupon kind of way. It’s not valid with any other bonus. For example, bidding Blind 10 and getting 10 gets you 200 points. However that bid is not an automatic 10-4-200. Also, for example, North bidding Nil and South bidding 10 is also not a 10-4-200 in my implementation because that gets really tricky. The question is, should the bonus combine or not?

    A Blind 10 with a 10-4-200 and getting 10 tricks would allow the team to receive 100 points for the books, 100 points bonus for the Blind, and another 100 points bonus for 10-4-200. 300 points in a 500 points game seems like a bit too much (plus if someone does this it’s more luck than skill), second opinion?

    Also, I have only automatic 10-4-200 bidding. If a team bids 10 and the option is enabled then it is a 10-4-200 period. Do you give the teams the option of taking a normal 10 bid?