Jul 152012

I just spent my two week vacation fixing up my scorecard apps to be more stable, implemented a few new features, and made them all Universal iPad/iPhone apps.

I rewrote a lot of the code to make all the apps more uniform. The apps should run faster as well.

And fixed any bugs I came across while working on all that (several but I don’t really remember them now).

It’s been a fun vacation, now only if I got paid for any of this 🙂

I added reneging to Hearts, if a player is penalized it simply adds 26 points to their score.

I added reneging to Spades, if a player is penalized the team (baring Nil bids, see below) must get 3 (configurable) more tricks than they bid (3 for each offense) to not lose the contract and be set. For example, if a team bids 6 and one of them reneges and they get 8 then they have been set, and they get 2 bags for getting more than they bid. If the team gets 9 tricks then they score 63 points. For now at least, if a person bids Nil and reneges then they simply lose their Nil bid and get penalized for that. I can’t find any rules for the case of a Nil bidder reneging anywhere so this is my best guess as to how to handle it. In my house rules if someone reneges then they game is over, they lost. Please comment below if you play any differently.

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