Jun 052012

I’m re-releasing the first iPhone app I ever wrote from nearly 4 years ago. Looking back at all my old source code gave me a real sense of how much I have learned over that time. sCalc is a calculator app for the iPhone (I might make an iPad version after this). I’ve almost completely overhauled the evaluation engine (mostly because I just did a horrible job the first time) I’ve checked it for memory leaks that could cause crashes (so much memory was leaked in prior versions, and now none that I can find in 2.0 :)). I’ve redid a lot of the display for the iPhone 4’s retina display. All in all I’m proud of it again only this time it’s not foolish pride (because it was the first thing I wrote). I’m sure that there are still problems with it and that I’ll be adding new things to it for a while. But for now, 2.0 was pushed to the App Store yesterday and is awaiting approval.

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