Jun 082012

So, I’ve received a couple reviews regarding reneging and how my app doesn’t support it… which is true. I pushed RookSC 3.5 today saying,

“Renege Penalties and Awards. This is my first attempt at handling reneging rules. The rule I always played by was if someone reneged and didn’t correct it by the time the trick was removed from the table that team loses if they get caught. You can mark a team or player as having reneged (mark them again to unmark them) any player marked loses 50 points and any player unmarked gains 50 points (configurable amounts). It’s still a little awkward but the scores are correct and also I’m sure not everyone plays by these rules so please leave a comment describing the rules you play by.”

Next I’ll try to get the tournament rules as described on the Rook (card game) wikipedia page working. But I don’t see how to push them into the Call Partner rules well so if anyone knows how it’s supposed to be done please tell me.

Thanks to all my app users. 3.5 should be available in about a week after the App Store review process.

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  1. We play with a slightly different scoring scheme. The maximum bid in still 180, but if the declarer takes all the tricks, that is a 200 score. Maybe you could implement this by having a separate maximum value for bidding and scoring, or maybe you could just all the max score and bid to be specified as an option. It would be great if you could support this variation.

  2. Sorry that it has taken forever to reply to this. I forgot about it :(.

    So, if 1’s and the Baby Bird are turned on that gives a maximum score of 200. So what you’re saying is that there is a maximum bid that is lower than the max score, in your case 180, so if that team scores 190 they get 190 and the other team gets 10? That would be simply hiding 185, 190, 195, and 200 on the bidding selection. The alternative is that those 20 points are bonus over the 180 meaning if a team scores 190 the other team would get 0, as to not be a negative penalty (the -10 of 180-190).

    If it is the first one, I try to leave the bidding and score interfaces open for anyones rules. Like in SpadesSC I play that an individual player can’t choose a bid of 1. But I leave the 1 as an option because some people might use it. The ability to choose the 1 is self limiting as it doesn’t effect how the actual scoring process works for Spades. I could put options in to hide that choice of bidding 1 but I think non-score (or at least record keeping) options will clutter up the app. So I’d prefer that in this case too, as you play don’t select a bid above 180.

    If you mean the alternative option then that does affect the scoring process and that will be a feature I will definitely add.