May 112012

Well, since my last post I have released 3.3.1 versions of all my apps. Version 3.3.1 no includes a paid version and a free iAd supported version. They will continue to be in sync on features.

Since releasing the free version I’ve gotten a few good reviews that included feature requests. These features have been implemented for version 3.4:

ShanghaiSC now supports only 2 players (to be used as if they were teams [no actual support for teams]).

RookSC gets two new features:

There is a new option to include the ability to record which cards were called in Call Partner mode. Now after you select the bid, the declarer, and the trump color, you’ll be asked to choose a card (two cards if the number of players is 6). Then during scoring you’re asked for one (or two) partners. The first partner chosen should correspond to the first card chosen, and the second the second.

When selecting the score you selected the number of points the declarer(or their team) acquired. It was brought to my attention that it is usually easier to count the number of points of the defenders (since they are usually counting along anyway hoping to set). Now on the score choosing screen there is an option at the bottom to change perspective, from the declarer to the defenders and back. When in the “Declarer” perspective the highlighted score is the score they need to not get set. Selecting above that (a lower number) is a set and below that gives them extra points. When in the “Defender” perspective the highlighted score is the lowest score needed to set the declarer.

Another person messaged my Facebook page saying that GinSC would not record scores… I’ve gotten no further information and it works for me so there is nothing I can do about that now.

So I’m going to push 3.4 of Shanghai and Rook and do a much needed update of all the screenshots… which is a very time consuming process 🙁

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