Mar 172012

I pushed all the 3.2.1 apps 5 days ago… Then I realized that there was a better way to do what I needed done in the settings of GinSC (regarding the new setting to control who the dealer is after a tie w/o undercut) so I coded that into the app and resubmitted GinSC 3.2.1 a few minutes ago. So it will become available whenever Apple reviews it… around a week probably.

I also, if I haven’t mentioned, added and “About…” section on the Options screen to all the apps. The “About” screen shows the name of the app, the version. It also has links to SykoSoft.Net’s Facebook and Twitter pages as well as this blog, and the SykoSoft Wiki where help about general usage and help about options can be found. So… like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, subscribe to this blogs rss feed and then comment with questions, requests, etc…

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