Jan 022012

Version 3.0 of many of the scorecard apps became available on December 30th, 2011. The codebase for all the apps was rewritten to provide better support for play options in the various games. This change allowed me to include a saved game list where you can go to look at and/or resume old games.

The options button became more prominent moving the Quit game feature into the “Organizer” (button in the top right corner) and moving the Undo capability to the swipe gesture of the last hand.

GinSC got the biggest upgrade of features. One Gin Rummy game can now be made of any number of matches.

BridgeSC has not been completely moved to the new codebase and it still behaves horribly when compiled for iOS 5.

As is always the case, there are a few known bugs:

Moving a player from the “Required Players” or “Additional Players” sections up into the various preferences sections will sometimes cause the app to quit. It seems to also lose the current game being played when that happens (you shouldn’t do that anyway).

Selecting an old saved game will overwrite the current game whether the current game is saved or not.

These will be fixed in 3.1

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