Jan 172012

This morning I pushed version 3.1 of all the scorecard apps to the store. With version 3.0.1 the preferences you chose on the options screen were global (except for the players names). This allowed you to change the rules in the middle of a game. As well as, if you played one game with one set of rules and saved that game and then played another game with a differing set of rules and saved that game. Loading the first game would reload following the rules of game two.

If you play by multiple sets of rules, there is a side effect of this change. New games saved will save the settings that were selected when the game started. Old saved games will still pull the current settings and use them.

A Fix: Selecting the proper options you played an old game by and then load that game. Undo and redo the last action of that game then save a new copy of the game. Delete the old copy of the game.

Things I’ve done to BridgeSC:
I’ve finished the overall rebuild of the internals of BridgeSC. It now supports the features of all the other 3.1 scorecards.

I’ve added a toggle to show the bidding hints or not to the options. I realize the hints could be better and there could be more hints for the subsequent bids but I feel that BridgeSC hasn’t been updated in so long that it’s better the push this version as is and continue work on it later.

I’ve added Chicago style scoring (Four-Deal) as an option to the app.

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