Jan 262012

I was informed of a bug via an app review involving the selected dealer being off in RookSC. I looked into a fixed it and then started looking though my other Scorecard apps to see if that problem existed elsewhere. I found a bug in ShanghaiSC that would sometimes cause the last hand to not be playable. After the move to the new backend platform for score keeping apparently something happened to HeartsSC’s interpretation of Shooting the Moon.

For all Scorecard apps. Saving games — which is now possible because of the aforementioned new score keeping platform I made — would only save new copies or not save at all. Now the app remembers which game you opened (or it knows if you started a new game) and it will give you the option to save over the game file you opened or save a new copy… or not save at all obviously.

Also I reworked the preferences in all the apps a little to add some descriptions where I thought the meaning of an option might be vague.

Realizing that hardly anyone might read this or my iPhone app wiki, I added an “Undo” button to the top left corner off all the apps. Swipe to undo, although a natural iPhone action apparently isn’t thought of very often so people couldn’t find how to undo. This is a design flaw on my part (but I did write it down on the wiki).

Another thing, in 3.0.1 and before preferences where global. Changing them changed the score not only in the current game but also in all prior games. I moved these preferences into the game itself so that each game has its own copy. This creates a problem for older saved games that do not have save options inside of them. I’m really hoping that most people set the options once and play all of their games with them the same. Now when the organizer is loaded it loads all the old games and saves the currently selected options into that game giving each game its own copy. If you swap up options a lot this might mess up the scores for some of your games. Don’t delete them, open those games and change the settings back to what they were when you played the game and then “Save Over Previous” when you load a different game or start a new game.

Just for HeartsSC. While fixing the shoot the moon scoring bug I wrote in some new options. 1) Whether, upon shooting the moon, all the other players receive 26 points (known as “Give” in the app) or if -26 points is added to the score of the player that shot the moon (known as “Remove”). HeartsSC is also going to get (not in 3.2) better icons for which direction the swap occurs.

Just for RookSC. I added an option to change the user interface for bidding. It how has a “Simple” bid where you pick the final bid, who declared it and what trump they chose. It also still has the “Full” bid style like before. The app now defaults to “Simple.”

On a side note… What happened to version 3.1? Well, they were in the AppStore waiting on review for almost 2 weeks, by the time I fixed everything for 3.2 they hadn’t been accepted yet. 3.2’s bug fixes were necessary so I cancelled 3.1 and started 3.2 in the approval process.

Thanks for being patient, I fix and work on these in my spare time, not very often.

Feel free to comment with requests (I do not guarantee I’ll add in anything that gets suggested but I will look into it).

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Jan 172012

This morning I pushed version 3.1 of all the scorecard apps to the store. With version 3.0.1 the preferences you chose on the options screen were global (except for the players names). This allowed you to change the rules in the middle of a game. As well as, if you played one game with one set of rules and saved that game and then played another game with a differing set of rules and saved that game. Loading the first game would reload following the rules of game two.

If you play by multiple sets of rules, there is a side effect of this change. New games saved will save the settings that were selected when the game started. Old saved games will still pull the current settings and use them.

A Fix: Selecting the proper options you played an old game by and then load that game. Undo and redo the last action of that game then save a new copy of the game. Delete the old copy of the game.

Things I’ve done to BridgeSC:
I’ve finished the overall rebuild of the internals of BridgeSC. It now supports the features of all the other 3.1 scorecards.

I’ve added a toggle to show the bidding hints or not to the options. I realize the hints could be better and there could be more hints for the subsequent bids but I feel that BridgeSC hasn’t been updated in so long that it’s better the push this version as is and continue work on it later.

I’ve added Chicago style scoring (Four-Deal) as an option to the app.

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Jan 102012

BridgeSC, as best as I can tell used some code that was incompatible with iOS5 (seemed to still work when it was compiled for iOS4.3). Enough free time has been found to rewrite BridgeSC to meet up with features present in the other scorecard apps (saving and options). That doesn’t sound like much but all the score calculation code has been rewritten. I need to run more scoring tests and squash a few remaining known bugs but hopefully it will be released next weekend or sooner.

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Jan 022012

Version 3.0 of many of the scorecard apps became available on December 30th, 2011. The codebase for all the apps was rewritten to provide better support for play options in the various games. This change allowed me to include a saved game list where you can go to look at and/or resume old games.

The options button became more prominent moving the Quit game feature into the “Organizer” (button in the top right corner) and moving the Undo capability to the swipe gesture of the last hand.

GinSC got the biggest upgrade of features. One Gin Rummy game can now be made of any number of matches.

BridgeSC has not been completely moved to the new codebase and it still behaves horribly when compiled for iOS 5.

As is always the case, there are a few known bugs:

Moving a player from the “Required Players” or “Additional Players” sections up into the various preferences sections will sometimes cause the app to quit. It seems to also lose the current game being played when that happens (you shouldn’t do that anyway).

Selecting an old saved game will overwrite the current game whether the current game is saved or not.

These will be fixed in 3.1

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