Jul 132009

Pressing the ± button doesn’t behave completely like it should. Pressing 6, ±, +, 8 will result in 2 because the ± changes the sign of the 6. Pressing ±, 6, +, 8 also equals 2 because the 6 become negative from the ±, this is also correct. However, say x is set equal to 6, pressing x, ±, + 8 will equal 2 correctly. Pressing ±, x, + 8 will equal 8. This is because the ± starts input for a negative number then pressing a variable following it yields an implicit multiplication, much like 2x, with is interpreted as 0•x which equals 0.  Plus 8 will then equal 8.

This is part of a much bigger problem with the ± key. ±, log(1000) yeilds -•log(1000) which is also 0 not 3.  This is now my number one priority.

For now, just remember, ± changes the sign of the number or variable typed.  It is not the negative operator as it sometimes acts. But it will be…

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