Dec 212013

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All the scorecard apps have been modified to work on iOS7 with the new iOS7 style. Sorry that this update took so long, I’m glad I got them out before the holidays. Hopefully I have worked all the bugs out of them. If not, please report any here, or on facebook or twitter. Thanks everyone.

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Sep 142013

Just an quick informational post. There won’t be many new features in this new release, just iOS 7 support. iOS7 has presented the most drastic UI changes since the first release of my scorecard apps in iOS2. They are coming along. BridgeSC and GinSC are presenting the most difficulties because of their overlaid information.

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Feb 112013

Pushed the newest version of all the scorecard apps to the App Store (except SpadesSC, it will be pushed shortly). These should be available in a week or two.

For all the apps this updates rearranges the UI a bit adding a pull to the side menu which is where you will now find access to your saved games, quitting the current game, and options. Links to various SykoSoft.Net webpages, facebook, twitter, this page and the wiki. These items were available in the Options->About page.

The new feature to all the apps is the ability to take a screen capture of the scorecard to your photo library or optionally share that image on Facebook or Twitter. This is an iOS 6+ feature.

SpadesSC is getting a few new features and is in the testing and bug fixing stage.

  • Progressive Bagouts: The first bagout, getting 10 sandbags, will penalize you once (100 points by default). The second bagout, getting 10 more sandbags, will penalize you twice more (2 x 100 points by default) and so on.
  • Basic 10-4-200 support: When turned on, a bid of 10 will be considered a 10-4-200 bid. Getting 10 tricks will score 200 points. Support for being Exact is another option (When exact is off then 11 tricks will still win the 10-4-200, when on you will be set 200). Also 11-4-220 and 12-4-240.

All other apps are functionally the same in their scoring functionality.

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Oct 192012

Version 4.1 of the scorecard apps were released last night. Mostly it only brings iPhone 5 support and rotation on iPhone’s and iPods, something which the iPad could already do.

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Jul 152012

I just spent my two week vacation fixing up my scorecard apps to be more stable, implemented a few new features, and made them all Universal iPad/iPhone apps.

I rewrote a lot of the code to make all the apps more uniform. The apps should run faster as well.

And fixed any bugs I came across while working on all that (several but I don’t really remember them now).

It’s been a fun vacation, now only if I got paid for any of this 🙂

I added reneging to Hearts, if a player is penalized it simply adds 26 points to their score.

I added reneging to Spades, if a player is penalized the team (baring Nil bids, see below) must get 3 (configurable) more tricks than they bid (3 for each offense) to not lose the contract and be set. For example, if a team bids 6 and one of them reneges and they get 8 then they have been set, and they get 2 bags for getting more than they bid. If the team gets 9 tricks then they score 63 points. For now at least, if a person bids Nil and reneges then they simply lose their Nil bid and get penalized for that. I can’t find any rules for the case of a Nil bidder reneging anywhere so this is my best guess as to how to handle it. In my house rules if someone reneges then they game is over, they lost. Please comment below if you play any differently.

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Jun 082012

So, I’ve received a couple reviews regarding reneging and how my app doesn’t support it… which is true. I pushed RookSC 3.5 today saying,

“Renege Penalties and Awards. This is my first attempt at handling reneging rules. The rule I always played by was if someone reneged and didn’t correct it by the time the trick was removed from the table that team loses if they get caught. You can mark a team or player as having reneged (mark them again to unmark them) any player marked loses 50 points and any player unmarked gains 50 points (configurable amounts). It’s still a little awkward but the scores are correct and also I’m sure not everyone plays by these rules so please leave a comment describing the rules you play by.”

Next I’ll try to get the tournament rules as described on the Rook (card game) wikipedia page working. But I don’t see how to push them into the Call Partner rules well so if anyone knows how it’s supposed to be done please tell me.

Thanks to all my app users. 3.5 should be available in about a week after the App Store review process.

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Jun 052012

I’m re-releasing the first iPhone app I ever wrote from nearly 4 years ago. Looking back at all my old source code gave me a real sense of how much I have learned over that time. sCalc is a calculator app for the iPhone (I might make an iPad version after this). I’ve almost completely overhauled the evaluation engine (mostly because I just did a horrible job the first time) I’ve checked it for memory leaks that could cause crashes (so much memory was leaked in prior versions, and now none that I can find in 2.0 :)). I’ve redid a lot of the display for the iPhone 4’s retina display. All in all I’m proud of it again only this time it’s not foolish pride (because it was the first thing I wrote). I’m sure that there are still problems with it and that I’ll be adding new things to it for a while. But for now, 2.0 was pushed to the App Store yesterday and is awaiting approval.

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May 112012

Well, since my last post I have released 3.3.1 versions of all my apps. Version 3.3.1 no includes a paid version and a free iAd supported version. They will continue to be in sync on features.

Since releasing the free version I’ve gotten a few good reviews that included feature requests. These features have been implemented for version 3.4:

ShanghaiSC now supports only 2 players (to be used as if they were teams [no actual support for teams]).

RookSC gets two new features:

There is a new option to include the ability to record which cards were called in Call Partner mode. Now after you select the bid, the declarer, and the trump color, you’ll be asked to choose a card (two cards if the number of players is 6). Then during scoring you’re asked for one (or two) partners. The first partner chosen should correspond to the first card chosen, and the second the second.

When selecting the score you selected the number of points the declarer(or their team) acquired. It was brought to my attention that it is usually easier to count the number of points of the defenders (since they are usually counting along anyway hoping to set). Now on the score choosing screen there is an option at the bottom to change perspective, from the declarer to the defenders and back. When in the “Declarer” perspective the highlighted score is the score they need to not get set. Selecting above that (a lower number) is a set and below that gives them extra points. When in the “Defender” perspective the highlighted score is the lowest score needed to set the declarer.

Another person messaged my Facebook page saying that GinSC would not record scores… I’ve gotten no further information and it works for me so there is nothing I can do about that now.

So I’m going to push 3.4 of Shanghai and Rook and do a much needed update of all the screenshots… which is a very time consuming process 🙁

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Mar 172012

I pushed all the 3.2.1 apps 5 days ago… Then I realized that there was a better way to do what I needed done in the settings of GinSC (regarding the new setting to control who the dealer is after a tie w/o undercut) so I coded that into the app and resubmitted GinSC 3.2.1 a few minutes ago. So it will become available whenever Apple reviews it… around a week probably.

I also, if I haven’t mentioned, added and “About…” section on the Options screen to all the apps. The “About” screen shows the name of the app, the version. It also has links to SykoSoft.Net’s Facebook and Twitter pages as well as this blog, and the SykoSoft Wiki where help about general usage and help about options can be found. So… like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, subscribe to this blogs rss feed and then comment with questions, requests, etc…

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